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    windshield Pad?

    the lower windshield chrome molding clips are mounted in the holes. the clips that hold the windshield in place (on my Wildcat) slip over the weld, then the gasket fits over it. this might have changed between 64 & 70. the Wildcat and LeSabre has five clips across the top and bottom and three...
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    Fuel Pressure for Carter AFB 4bbl

    I've installed a cheaper electric fuel pump on the Wildcat, feeds a 425. I just came across the Carter P60504, that has the filter - that mounts between the fuel tank and pump. The P60504 only puts out 4lbs of pressure. Is this enough for the 425? I also had a glass filter in the fuel line...
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    68 skylark rear window seal

    Probably leakig i the lower corners of the rear glass gasket. you just have to replace the gasket. I just did this with my 64 Wildcat. You should probably replace the trunk gasket as well. Most Buick gaskets can be found @ "CarsInc"
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    Resistance Wire

    I got away from the cars for a bit, so I'm having trouble getting back to where I was when I pulled the old wiring harness on the 425 in my 64Wildcat. I've got the new wiring harness from the front bumper to the dash, andfrom the rear end to the dash. I installed a coil with the resistor build...
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    1962 Buick Special Build thread

    Boy, it's a good thing you can weld:bana: your welds look good. too bad you didn't make a mock up V6 outta styrofoam way back when, you could have gotten all the "fittin" done before you got the engine back. if you're going to do a disc brake (power), don't forget you need room for the...
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    InRadiator Or External Trans Oil Cooler?

    Getting a lot of conflicting advice on whether to install a trans oil cooler outside the radiator, and just cool the engine with the radiator and the trans oil in it's own cooler. My thoughts are; the radiator will cool the engine faster/better if it is ONLY cooling the engine, an vice versa...
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    DashPot & Idle Station Switch

    Heeeeeee lp; misplaced the DashPot assembly when I rebuilt the carb and dressed up the intake on my 300ci 2bbl. I've been driving the auto parts stores around here nuts. My bigggest question; does the carb really care the make/model that the dash pot switch is originally made for??? any...
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    Buick Parts

    "The Buick Place" Discontinued Items THESE ARE CARS THAT ARE GOING TO BE ELIMINATED FROM OUR INVENTORY Qty Year Model Style Type of Damage Special Features 3 1962 Skylark 2dr hardtop 3 1962 Special 4dr sedan 2 1963 Skylark 2dr hardtop 2 1963 Special...
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    Hello, speedometer.....

    Keith, grab the tip of the wire with a pair of needlenose, give er a little tug
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    Hello, speedometer.....

    I think you are going to find the cable is broken - when it is "hooked up" pressure is making the bitter ends meet and causing the needle to jump around. when you pulled the connector, you took the pressure off and now the cable (from the trans) is just spinning.
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    1970 225 Glove Box Repair

    should be a "horseshoe" clip - I have a dash in my garage, will check and get back later
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    Need your thoughts!!

    fd I'm in Virginia. I have a good running 73 455 that came out of a Skylark. I have gone through it, it purrs like a large lion. it has a T400 attached, quiet. New starter, coil, points, plugs. It is mounted on a heavy duty trailer with new tires. I've got my radiator attached to it right...
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    why are my plugs wet with gas and the engine floods out after a minute?

    the rebuild kit should have come with an exploded view of the carb. heaven forbid someone threw that away.. was the kit mail ordered or purchased locally. if locally, ask the parts store to look at the instructions/diagram. if by mail order/online, google the supplier, get their # and call...
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    why are my plugs wet with gas and the engine floods out after a minute?

    "starts right up and will run until the engine barely starts to warm up and it will stall" does the choke open? Have you opened the carb to see if everything is as it should be? my 64 was flooding; opened it to find a keeper clip had fallen off and was keeping the needle from closing. the...
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    Why does my carburetor keep flooding my motor?

    did you compare the needles to see if they are exactly the same. the shoulder could be different, not letting it close completely, or the seat could be damaged/dirt attached. did you set the float level holding the top level upright?