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    2000 Regal Rear View Mirror

    Hello Buick Enthusiasts, The windshield mounter rear view mirror fell off and is dangling by the wires. I have repaired others before. I bought the adhesive and attempted to install but I could not release the metal button at the mounting base. In the past there has been a set screw, but this...
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    2000 Super-charged Buick Regal

    Hi Guys, Just wondering my anti lock brake warning light has come on, along with service vehicle soon and no traction control light. In Your opinion, what are some of thepossibilities that would cause these symptoms?
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    322 Dual action fuel pump leak

    Sounds like You are "Good to Go"!
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    Check Engine Light on

    Howdy Gents, I have a 1992 Buick Regal Gran Sport (second car) with 170,000 miles on it. The car as been running great the past 2 1/2 years. Just routine maintenance. I was coming home from work last week and the service engine soon light came on just as I was coming down the street. The next...
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    322 Nailhead Re-Build Parts?

    Terrill Machine in Texas is an exceptional supplier.
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    Fuel Float 55' Super

    To give an accurate answer to you question. It would be helpful to know what make and model Carb you have. carter or Stromberg come to mind. 2 or 4 Barrel? Maybe along the lines some other carb has been substituted or replaced.
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    Removal of starter engine on 56 Buick

    1956 Starter Hey Michael, How did you ever make out replacing your started motor?
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    Removal of starter engine on 56 Buick

    Removal of Starter on You '56 Hi Michael, Long time. You are correct there is absolutely no room to work with all the obstruction on the way. The top bolt is especially difficult. The way that the starter housing was made, you can't use a socket. You have to use a wrench and you can only...
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    Replacement Brake Line?

    I have done business with in-line tube. They are fabulous to deal with. I recommend them highly. I ordered lines on Monday and they were on my doorstep on Wed. Fit like a glove. Everything was fitted properly. High Quality Material. Brake or fuel lines are nothing to fool around with. You want...
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    dash removal

    Hey Iddie, Why are you removing your dash?
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    58 buick super chrome clips

    try restoration specialities
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    1954 front seat upholstery

    '56 Buick Interiors Thanks for the Valued Information!
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    1954 front seat upholstery

    I think that there are several places. one is legendary interiors.
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    floor mat question

    There are some establishment out thare that made them. I would like to get a set myself. They would make a "Splendid Christmas Gift.
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    50 special wheel bearings

    Make sure the wheel bearings and spindle are greased and packed. Tighten down the "Castleated "nut tight enough so that the wheel just spins freely and inset the cotter pin through the accesss hole to prevent the Nut from "Backing-Off". It is what you would call at "touchy- feely" but yet a...