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    Window channel felt tracks

    Does anyone have a good method to make the sharp bends in the window channel felt tracks ? I tried bending the straight/bulk felt channel around the radius on the window and the cloth wants to bunch up and the metal wants to push outward or inward. Also I was thinking of using urethane to...
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    battery disconnect solenoid

    Hi, Anyone here using a continuous duty solenoid for a battery disconnect. If so - where can I purchase one that will hold up to the amperage draw of a 6 volt straight 8 ?
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    instrument glass seal

    I found some black weather stripping from ACE Hardware that matches perfect.
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    instrument glass seal

    Was wondering where to get the felt (about 1/4x1/8 inches) that goes between the instruments and the bezels.
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    backfire thru carb at 3000 RPM

    Hi, New to the forum. Hope to receive some help on some items. I am restoring a 1951 Buick Special Model 48 After assembling the straight 8 and running it, I had a backfire thru the carb at 1800 RPM. So I rechecked my timing chain marks and found I was one tooth off. Corrected that...