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    Tracking a vehicle history?

    I want to track the life of my !964 Riviera. I bought it in August 2012. The title before it's TX title was a Los Angles, CA title. 12/14/2011 How do I find out where the car has "lived"? I don't necessarily want to know the previous owners, but want to know if it was a California car all...
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    Oil filter question, please

    Oil filter question, please Would a poor quality (cheaply manufactured) oil filter reduce engine oil pressure? Which is the best, better, and worse? Wicks A/C STP Fram I want the best for my 425 nail head engine.
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    ? idle speed ?

    For my 1964 buick nail head, 425 cubic inch engine::: I want to know the idle speed(s) for the engine : At cold engine start (rpm): ? and at hot engine rpm: ? I don't know the respective rpm's of the engine. I plan to put my test light on engine this weekend and adjust the...
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    oil pump and oil Pressure question

    For my 1964 Riviera and it's 425 engine ,,, what is the perfect (psi) oil pressure at idle and at about 30 mph?
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    test signature

    testing with my car pic in the signature testing
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    alternatorquestion of what is the max and min amps?

    Howdy, did you get enough turkey? My question is for my alternator on my 1964 Buick Riviera, what is the minimum and maximum amps that I should read with a multimeter or amp meter at the positive and negative battery posts when the car engine is idling (and no lights and no a/c is running) ...
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    Paint restoration shop Disaster at Javi O Collision, El Paso, TX

    Getting the money due to me Civil Case: The Courts take a while with all the paperwork, however, A sheriff will be visiting Javier Ontiveros very soon to collect my money or seize his property for payment. He only tells you what you want to here.... beware....! Javi-O Collision ....beware
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    Paint restoration shop Disaster at Javi O Collision, El Paso, TX

    BBB could not contact Javier Ontiveros. But the Magistrate Court Did...Civil court date Nov 12. I have already won; now need the money to have the paint job done AGAIN.
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    Stud lug size, 1964 riviera?

    You were Correct. Thank you :1st:
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    Stud lug size, 1964 riviera?

    what are the bolt stud thread size on my 1964 riviera, please? They are not 1/2" or 7/16" that is for sure.:clonk:
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    Need a drawing of the power window

    Hi, my 1964 riviera has problems with the rear power windows. I need a drawing or diagram assembly to see how it goes together thus to see why it does not work. I have electric motor movement at the push of the button. but only a 1/2 inch of movement. I have a c-shaped rail piece that...
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    Paint restoration shop Disaster at Javi O Collision, El Paso, TX

    I picked up the Riviera from Javi O Collision on Friday, Sept 20, 2013. It has not been buffed and polished correctly. The clear coat has runs, fish-eyes, and orange peel on every body panel, trunk and hood. Plus over-spray on engine, dash gauges, steering column and bumper. Absolute...
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    car covers - ?use them after painting body?

    Howdy, I riviera should be done at paint shop in about 2 - 3 weeks. When should I be able to put a quality cover over the car>? I have a very small garage space and it would be very hard to work on the interior while in the garage. I have a large back yard and am considering parking the car...
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    Paint color underneath hood ?

    Howdy, I am restoring my 64 riviera to original arctic white. What color should be underneath the engine hood? arctic white or flat black or shiny{gloss} black I would enjoy hearing your answer . Want it factory correct.
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    AFB Carter 3921 for 1964 Riviera - Need a choke mechanism and help

    howdy, I am having AFB 3921 carb re built. There is NO choke on the carb. What is available to purchase? Need options and need a source for the part, please? 915 497 5869