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    If you need a car title for your car let me know i have a 100% money back gauruntee, 1976 and before takes about 2 weeks after i recieve all of your paperwork.thx and have a great year!
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    Engine identification 340 ? 1374557m

    thx guys i do thank for your time let me if i can do anything im joe . i own a title service and can title anything 75 and back if you need help.
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    Engine identification 340 ? 1374557m

    the only engine casting numbers i have found on the back of the blockare 1374557M only one letter M at the end of the casting number. from the past hours research ive come to the conclusion its a 340 ? any help would be apprecaited thx agian. anyone looking for a aluminuim 300 let...