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    350 oiling system modifications

    OK here are some more questions. When I got the timing chain cover cleaned up I found that it was cracked along with the oil pump end plate where the filter attaches. I have a chain cover and a couple of pump end plates left over from a V6 project from several years ago. The Timing chain...
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    350 oiling system modifications

    Thank you Todd. The serial is 45G126695 so it is a 1975. Good info.
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    350 oiling system modifications

    Finished the block prep machine work today. Attached is what was done.
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    350 oiling system modifications

    Very interesting. Thanks. It was a few years ago when I built the original 350 from my 68 Skylark. I can't remember there being a windage tray on that engine. I am pretty confident that it was the original engine. It was a cast rocker oiling thru the shaft red engine. Go figure. And if...
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    350 oiling system modifications

    OK here is another question. When I built my 1968 350 there was no windage tray in the engine. Nor were there any mounting bosses to put one in. The block I am working on now has no provisions for one either. I think the one I have now is a 1975. Casting numbers as follows: Block 241748...
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    350 oiling system modifications

    Thanks Larry. System wise they are identical. Most of what I've found specific for the 350 matches the Jim Weise post except some of the holes are smaller. 1/2" vs 5/8" and 5/16" vs 11/32".
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    350 oiling system modifications

    I may have just answered my own question. The feed to the #1 main is already 7/16" so there is no need to change it. #2, 3 & 4 are 9/32" which I opened up to 5/16". Number 1 feeds one rod bearing. 2, 3, and 4 feed 2 rod bearings each. Number 5 feeds only one rod so I'm assuming since it...
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    350 oiling system modifications

    I agree with your cam bearing assessment. For me TA grooved bearings are a given. And like you I am curious about the #5 main feed. This will be another street/strip engine, so I’d rather make unnecessary modifications now than wish I had later.
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    350 oiling system modifications

    I am beginning to build another 350. This time, since I have a well equipped machine shop in my garage, I am doing the block prep myself. I have a couple of questions. Most of the published advice says to open the main bearing feeds to 5/16" on numbers 2, 3 and 4. Does anybody know why not...
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    I may be a repeat offender. I am beginning to build another 350.

    I may be a repeat offender. I am beginning to build another 350.
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    68 Skylark Custom Convertible Project

    Just rolled out my 68 Skylark. SC&C Touring Plus suspension package Baer Extreme Plus 14" brakes front and rear Buick 350: TA Performance 290-94H cam Big valve heads TA SP3 intake 840 CFM Q-Jet carb 2-1/2" exhaust with 3 chamber Magna Flow...
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    Small block exhaust manifolds

    I just learned something that might be useful. I am reinstalling a 1968 350 in my 1968 Skylark. I am using the 2-1/2 inch TA Performance down pipe. Due to other modifications, I am not using the stove nor the heat riser valve so I gutted the valve, plugged the shaft hole and bolted it to the...
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    68 Buick Skylark Dash Paint

    Does anybody know what paint I should use on the metal parts of my dash panel. I'm talking about the area between the dash pad and the windshield as well as the area below the plastic dash insert, glovebox door, etc? OPG sells what they call gloss black but I think the orginal paint was a...
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    Flywheel Identification

    I aquired a BOP aluminium bell housing and a Buick flywheel. I don't know if the flywheel is from a V6 or a V8. The casting number is 1257035-2. It bolts up to a 350 crank but doesn't seem to have any provisions for any particular clocking. The tooth count and diameter are the same as the...
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    Cheap 67/68 tilt steering column

    67/68 GM A-body tilt steering columns are not common. I have been looking for one for my 68 Skylark project for some time. Most of the after market suppliers make them but they are expensive and I am cheap. As I understand it, tilt was a luxury option and most folks who bought A-bodies...