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    :bana:Hi everybody, just figuring out this website. I have just got my first Buick. 56 Special. Needs lots of effort but I love it. First question, not don't get upset devotees out there, I am thinking of getting rid of the nailhead and just puting in a crate 350 chevy. Aren't nailheads...
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    color id

    I am looking through this site for the first time and it is GREAT. Looking thru the ID info for paint colors, my id tag says ARA I find R as the harvest yellow, by the way my car looks I think A is black but can't find reference to this
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    First entry

    :bana: Hey folks I am so happy to finally get a 56 special. I have restored a few cars in the past but this is the oldest and first buick. So my first question is, now don't get upset, do I really want to rebuild the nailhead or just drop in a chevy crate motor.