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    What coil do you recommend for 425 running points and condenser. Thanks
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    Where do i post questions

    Could anyone recommend what ignition coil I should use on my 425 nailhead. It has conventional distributor with points.
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    switch pitch selenoid

    Has anyone got info on where I could purchase the stator solenoid for the high stall st400 tranny
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    switch pitch selenoid

    Grhopperass submitted a new listing: switch pitch selenoid - switch pitch selenoid View the entire listing here...
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    Nailhead header capacity

    I have home made headers on my 401 that have individual header tubes 1&1/2 in leading into a 3 in. collector. I am replacing this with a 425 bored .040 and I'm told that 1 will need to use 1&5/8 in. tubes. This is a street machine and probably will seldom reach 5,000 RPM. Can anyone out there...
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    425 nailhead camshaft help

    I am building a 425 for my model A. The car weighs 2600 ponds with the current stock 401 and T400 tranny. I will be running a switch pitch T400 behind the 425. My question is what cam grind would be recommended for this setup, stock or mild? I use the car for Street use only. Any suggestions...
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    425 nailhead to switch pitch trans

    I have a 64 buick 425 nailhead out of a Buick Riviera. Also have a T400 Switch pitch tranny. Do I need a crankshaft bushing required when connecting like the earlier 401 nailheads required? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    425 Nailhead

    I'm been offered a 425 nailhead that has been rebuilt. it is bored .040 with cast pistons & chrome moly rings. I'm told that this is the maximum a 425 can be bored out and that the 401 ( which I currently have) is a much better block. Can anyone out there give me advice here. I appreciate all...
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    Comp Cam 401 Nailhead

    I have a comp Cam whith the following specs. Rocker Ratio 1.6 Valve lift on intake / exhaust .464 , duration 288 Cam lift .290 Is this too radical for a street machine? I've read somewhere that these cams are hard on Nailheads. Is there any truth to this. Your guidance and thoughts are greatly...
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    nailhead 425 Heads

    I'm looking at cylinder heads for the 425.Nailhaed The owner advises that he had the valves changed to chevy small block valves. I hav'ent heard of this before. Can anyone out thee help me here. Thanks IF
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    425 Nailhead

    Does anyone have a 65 or 66 425 nailhead for sale. I want to replace my 401. Thanks
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    I'm cirrently running a 401 nailhead in my model A. Its a tight fit. I would like to go with a 425. Are the outside diamensions of each engine the same and will my exhaust headers and intake fit. Thanks
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    T400 switch pitch trans

    I have a rebuilt T400 SP transmission. It has the dual tine electrical conector, but when I energised each tine, the electromagnet for the kick down is working, but the switch pitch one does'nt seem to work. That is to say I did not hear it click, so I'm assuming whoever rebuilt the trans...
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    water pump pulley size

    Thanks much appreciated
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    water pump pulley size

    Can anyone out there give me the diameter of the water pump pulley for a 401 nailhead as I have to machine one from scratch. Thanks IF