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    1967 GS decode help please

    please help on a cowl tag decode ST 67-44667 (I know gs conv) BF 00095 ( don't know about BF ??) TR 197 (red buckets) P2 PAINT (I guess Platinum mist, black conv) 0200 (dont know ?) 070192 (unsure on this ?) anyone know about the ? thanks much
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    Looking for a 401 nailhead

    Anyone have one or know of where to get a 401 for my 66 skylark ? I'm located in Virginia but will consider all including rebuildable cores. Thanks much can be reached at if prefered :shifter:
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    Looking for a rebuilder or motor on east coast

    looking for a rebuilder or motor on east coast Hi all, I have a 66 skylark with a 340 4bbl in it and recently started making what seems to be lifter noise...particularly at idle. I can do the standard pull the covers and check the valvetrain but I'm looking around for either a recommended Buick...
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    Preferred Buick Specialty Vendors and Rebuilders

    Hi all, Hope this is the correct location for this thread. I'm sure this has been talked about before, but was wondering if Team Buick members have put together, or want to put together a "nationwide preferred vendors" type list of Buick specialty people or companies. I've seen this type of list...