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    Lead substitute additive needed for my 1961?

    lead I put in my1964 225 every fillup :1st:
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    rear wheel stud - removal

    stud how much room behind ? , you should be able to drive out the broken one and put in the new one ..
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    can i make my 350 into the monster i know it is \m/ o.O \m/

    350 motor put a cam in it and headers:bana:
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    Dropping 454 in my '64 Wildcat

    454 what about all the extra weight you will put on the front springs and the breaks for stopping ?:jeez:
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    Smoke from Oil Filler Cap

    breather cap sounds like you have blow bye , hope they did not drop anything down the intake. like a washer , there is not a lot of things that can cause this other than bad rings.:jeez:
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    1964 electra brakes

    I need help finding the rubber gaskets for the cup that goes in the back of the master between the vacum and the master cylder there are three in rubbers two that go between a cup , one against vacum then the cup and on the other side of the cup up against the master , then one in the cup where...
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    1964 electra trans

    how hard is it to change the seals on the front and back of the trans ? its a 400 trans all stock from the factory , have a small leak , I put half a cort of trans fluid in a year .I know the car has a carrier bearing in the center of the car .. do I have to pull the drive shaft off ,then the...
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    Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts or Lead Additive?

    telriv what is zddp ? just woundering . I run lead additive in my 1964 electra every tank or every other tank with 93 octane or better and never had a problem in 22 years. and the oil I use is strait 40 weight .:shifter:
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    92 Riviera Stalling

    car sounds like the brain box going bad
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    engine trouble

    64 Its mucher to rebuild your old motor then try to put a chevy in a buick. my 2 cents....:jeez:
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    61 Lesabre Control Arm Bushings

    bushings try , I found bushing for my 64 225 electra , hope that helps:1st:
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    Another one......1957 gas tank

    gas tank there was a guy who said that he put some nuts and bolts in the tank and made a cradle for the tank and shook the tank till it was almost like new then resealed the tank and it was fine . can't find the post on this site were i read it..
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    '62 Invicta transmission leak

    leaking could be the front seal on the trans..:angry: witch means pulling the trans out ..
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    body mounts

    what is the best way to replace the two body mounts behind the rear wheels on a 1964 225 electra. I looked at them and i would like to replace them little rust on them.. thanks for all the help this site has given ,you people are great.:1st:
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    new 61 special. Help

    rubber try for seals for triers sams club has 13 inch or pet boys