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    OMG, what has happened when I was away!!!

    Haven't been around in awhile. Great looking update.
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    67 Wildcat Parts What is a fresh 430 worth?

    Have a 67 Wildcat 430 automatic. Its a ragtop. Am parting out and wondering what the engine is worth has about 1 hour on it since rebuild. Trans rebuilt also rearend and driveshaft. Frame shot, top rough but car is all there. Located Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Ideas and suggestions...
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    Electrical Connectors

    Anybody know where I can get the proper pins for the steering column harness socket for my 77 century. I just put a tilt column in and at least one connector is bad on the replacement column. Many thanks in Advance.
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    Official GM VIN decoding cards

    Thanks. this link really helped me to figure out the 77 Regal I bought last Saturday Einar
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    Why am I getting this sent to mefrom "admin@teambuick.com"? I know I don't participate very much but I do enjoy the site,visit regularily and contribute when I feel the desire. Einar
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    Engine Stalls

    I have a 77 Century with Buick 350 engine, 2BBl carb. A great running car with 70,000 miles. The problem--- Fire it up first thing in the morning, choke comes on, and away we go. The car stalls about 30 seconds later when I leave the corner nearest the house. Usually shift to neutral and instant...