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    Quadrajet parts now available

    I now provide complete carburetor service and parts. I am adding parts every day. Please check it out. If you need something and don't see it, let me know.
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    Gas Tank and Fuel Line

    You can blow out fuel lines. Make sure you replace all of the rubber hose sections. Tank is a little harder. You need to pull it, and can put fuel in it and dump out. Best way is have radiator shop clean it out.
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    I need the correct rebuild kit for my 1960 Buick carburetor

    For parts, check with You would need to call them. Or
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    I need the correct rebuild kit for my 1960 Buick carburetor

    Yes, post a picture. the Quadrajet was introduced in 1966. You may have a 4 jet carburetor, the predecessor to the Quadrajet. some parts are still available for the 4 jets.
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    intake/carb combination

    Stock Buick 4 barrel intake manifold or TA aluminum intake. Similar in performance but TA aluminum is lighter. Quadrajet. Built for you Buick 350. 750 cfm and you could choose divorced choke, electric choke or no choke. It will need the idle circuits modified slightly for you cam, but will...
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    1972 skylark disc brake conversion

    Monte Carlo is a good donor car for disc. Or other GM a body 70-72. Pretty limited. I set up one car with used spindles and stuff. On my next car, I went to eBay and bought a complete kit. It ended up costing less to get all the new stuff, and easier to work with new parts. Make sure you...
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    455 ci PERFORMANCE

    Pump gas driver or race car? almost 600 hp with 38 over 455, weisco pistons, 10.5/1, edelbrock heads, SPX intake, custom ground hydraulic cam. you will be much better off with aluminum heads, either TA or Eddy.
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    Suspension modifications before dropping in the bbb

    How are you going to use the car? You might consider heavier sway bar on front and add one to the rear. How's a good time to consider adding disc brakes. I don't use the heavier front spring, but that is my personal preference. And don't have a front sway bar on the car that goes drag racing...
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    Going again on Project !

    On the carb, Back side: #2 connects to #3 #1 I think is connected to auto transmission. Front side: #2 goes to the plastic choke pull off right beside it. Plug #1 #3 goes to PVC #4 goes to vacuum canister on distributor. That's how I would use them anyway, may not be factory correct.
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    1972 GS Hood and Wing

    J-man, are you buying or selling? Does the GS hood have all of the inserts for the scoops? Original GS hoods sell for a big price range, depending on condition, mainly rust. Anywhere from 125 to 800. An average hood, with no inserts is probably $400. Spoiler, new reproductions are $225 to $400
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    Buick Carburetor services

    Hello all. I am offering carburetor rebuild services now for all of us Buick folks. I have been building carbs for over 30 years, and have experience with most factory type carbs. I have been building Buick carbs and selling Skylark parts for several years to get the spare change to build...
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    Edelbrock 60049 heads. How fast are you running?

    Best time for us was 10.24. That was with 100 shot of nitrous. In our 70 Skylark. Motor itself produces about 580 hp NA. Hydraulic cam, pump gas. 464, 10.25 compression, SPX intake, 950 carb, custom ground cam. We like the heads, and have had good luck with them. They were ported.
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    69 skylark, started running...wrong?

    Just rebuild that one. Or if it is not a Buick 350 carb, get one of them. No need to buy a "new" one. You could end up spending a bunch of money and not improving much.
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    69 skylark, started running...wrong?

    Caleb, the black smoke would indicate it is running rich. What Carb do you have? The quadrajet? Sounds like you may have some issues with it. Have you checked to make sure the choke is not stuck closed? I build jets and other carbs so let me know if I can help.
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    Transmission swap

    I would recommend a TH 400 and a gear vendors overdrive set up. I haven't run one, but would go that route if I needed an overdrive. We have broken too many 200R4's to ever try that route again.