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    1949 Dynaflow model 71 zerk fitting

    I have one missing zerk fitting on one of the control arms. They usually screw in on most cars but looked at these and they do not appear to be that type. There is no hex on the fitting in order to put a wrench on it and screw it out. Are they pressed in or what??? Why should one be missing...
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    1957 Century Wiper Vacuum hose routing

    Can anyone provide me with the correct windshield wiper vacuum hose routing for my Century? I think I saw something on this topic but now cannot locate it. Help will sure be appreciated. Lee Noga Tel: # 1(509)967-2723
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    '47 Super Engine

    Is the engine the same in the '47 & '48 years, all series? What series is the Super? Is that a series 40 or 50? Where can I find a good article on Buick engines of these years with specifications etc? The VIN on my Buick is14755148. Don't have a service manual for this year. Lee
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    Replacing the power steering belt

    In order to replace this belt you must remove the generator & air conditioning belt. I got the generator to move and got the belt off, but after loosening the air conditioner two adjustment bolts I cannot seem to budge the air conditioner. Any hints?? Lee
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    Boatail outside door handle removal

    Did a search and found no help in the forums on this problem and surprised at that. To replace a door handle appears to be a real headache. Surely someone must have had to do this. Is there any instruction anywhere on procedure?? I have the inside door panel off and see no easy way. It appears...
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    Painting dash with lettering, '57 Century

    Painting dash with lettering I have thought about perhaps melting wax into the lettering. However then the wax that was not all in the lettering would have to be completely removed in order for paint to properly adhere. Do you have any advise to remove the wax from only the part you want to...
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    Painting dash with lettering, '57 Century

    I have the switch assembly out on my '57 Century and it has several scratches on it. I have purchased matching paint color. My problem is to paint the bezel without painting over the indented black lettering. I was wondering how I could fill the lettering indentations with something before...
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    1971 Bench Seat Swap

    Bench seat vs buckets Why would you want to??? If you are a 275 lb man, have you ever thought about getting out of your car or into your car when someone parks so close to your drivers door that you can't get out? Try sliding across bucket seats vs bench and you will see what I mean. I...
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    1957 Buick -- Stymied Again w Master Cylinder Removal

    Talking 1957 Buick -- Stymied Again w Master Cylinder Removal Well still no further ahead. Tried everything! I was able to find out what the Buick tool looked like to remove the nut. It was a thin-walled socket approx 4" long that had (7) 17/32 holes drilled through the neck of the socket...
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    1957 Buick -- Stymied Again w Master Cylinder Removal

    Trying to get the Master Cylinder off my '57 and it is NO SIMPLE TASK!! Some Designer Idiot decided that in addition to the four bolts that hold the unit to the firewall that it will be held with about a 2" nut. This nut is impossible to get to because it is right behind the bracket that holds...
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    '57 Buick Master Cylinder & Power Unit

    I have to remove the master cylinder on my '57 because it does not function at all. My question is that while I have it off what can I do to check the power brake unit? Is there any way to check if there is a vacuum leak? The engine is still out of the car so I can't check it that way. Is there...
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    1957 Century OIL PAN DRAIN PLUG

    When rebuilding the engine lost the drain plug. Now I can't seem to find one. I bought one from the NAPA store which is a 11/16" however it is too big. I am sure I cannot force it in. Turns a couple of threads and quits. Is this an odd ball size?? Seems between a 11/16" and 5/8". Does anyone...