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    Skirts for 67 LeSabre?

    Does anyone know if fender skirts were an option on the 67 Le Sabre? On the options sheet (from this site's Reference page) they are not listed, but maybe part of trim package? Looking around on the web, I found some for the Electra, Riviera, and Skylark, but not for Le Sabre. I was thinking...
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    Power window stuck down

    The left rear power window is stuck down in my 67 Le Sabre 4 door. I checked the sash, cam, rollers, and stops for pinch points or jams and I tested the motor with both the existing pigtail and a new wire to 12v + so I know that it is bad. I have the Fisher Body Manual which describes the...
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    1966 LeSabre

    I haven't been on here for a while - health issues, anyhow I saw there there is a wanted post for 1966 Le Sabre letters for hood and trunk. There is a 66 on CL in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA for $600. It looked like the rear lettering at least was in fair condition - the car is very dusty in the...
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    Pulled fuel pump & found ???? Any Ideas?

    I pulled the fuel pump due to low output and as always, I took a couple pics for reference. It looks like there is something in there like a piece of a gasket or rag. I thought I should run it by you guys before proceeding, might be nothing, but I would rather be cautious. Thanks. Doug
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    340-4 ignition - Which way do I go?

    Hey guys I hope that someone can help get me pointed in the right direction. I have been trying to get all of the bugs worked out of my 67 Le Sabre for about a year now. I'm not trying to hot rod it or anything it's my daily driver. I recently have been having trouble with the ignition and...
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    62 special deluxe conv. on CL

    I saw this on CL for $800 so I thought I'd pass it on. The pics look like some ok glass, maybe some sheet metal, definately a parts car though. bigdougsoutho
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    Question about Brake Reaction Rod replacement rubber @ frame side

    I was hoping that someone could tell me if I can replace the rubber that is between the frame and the domed washer on the front side without removing the entire assembly, and if so, do I need to have the suspension hanging or will it be OK to do this just as it sits. For reference i included...
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    Found 3rd Build sheet in F L fender

    I was updating some wiring on my 67 LeSabre (built in KC, KS) the other day, and I found a 3rd build sheet inside of the front left fender near the top. The condition is marginal, but I thought I'd pass on the info. Doug
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    1971 Buick Le Sabre Convertible

    RE Lesabre parts I have two 67 LeSabres and they can be difficult to find parts for. I believe that TA performance,, The Buick Farm, CARS, all have a searchable online catalog, and I think has, or at last had a downloadable version. I am on the internet...
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    Differences between 67 LeS base (45269) and custom (45469) models other than trim?

    I recently bought another 67 LeSabre. This is a custom (45469) model that I got to cannibalize for my base model (45269). There are obvious differences in the interiors, but there seems to be slight differences in the frame construction as well as the width of the roof - approx. 3" at the top. I...
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    Need help locating a trans. mt for 67 Les. 340 w/ st400

    :clonk:Going bonkers trying to find the right transmission mount for my 1967 Buick Le Sabre 400. Every place I have looked for one shows the newer style mount (1 - 1/2' center to center holes on cross member, and 4" center to center holes for trans.) It appears that these dimensions are correct...
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    Glad to find a site full of classic Buick lovers!

    I found this site about a week ago while researching some of the minor details that I need to address on my recently acquired '67 LeSabre (45269).