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    Replacement Gas tank

    wats "hollander"?
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    does anyone live in avondale or the surronding cities to go cruising sometime?
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    66 Riviera

    i can buy a straight body black 66 riviera runs & drives perfect with perfect body and interior except driver seat is messed up a little rips and tears and the car is going for 5K should i buy it or neg to get lower price for has all original even 425 original nailhead in it should i get it?
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    Carb talk...

    i'm thinking about buying a 66 riviera with a 425 nailhead on i saw other 425's with 2 or even 3 carbs on them wat the difference if i get 1 or 2 or3 carbs on the car? p.s. how much HP is on a 425 nailhead on a 66 riviera/
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    BUICK 350 Engine

    im going to buy a 1967 pontiac bonneville...and it has a rebuilt 350in buick engine is the engine and good and wats the torque and HP on it and how can i tell wat year the engine is? ohh and if anyone can can u post how much gas i would get to the mile so gas millage...thx:)