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Smarten up a 1967 BOP 10.2 from a GS400. This article is not a complete assembly article! It started out to cover only the replacement of the posi. Unfortunately, it grew a little bit... The easiest way to do put a posi in is to accept the fact that you are going to drop the 3rd member out of the car. I know some people do it in the car, but for the amount of extra effort it just works better on the ground. Make sure the car is well blocked so that when you need to reef on something it is solid! I always like to block in two places, either of which will adequately support the car. After blocking the car, drain the oil. Set the diff. on a few blocks so that it has enough clearance to roll over without it rolling off...
I have seen these manufactured somewhere, but couldn't find one when I wanted it. There could be a reason for the lack of availability, perhaps they are not recognized for drag racing events or ? Perhaps someone will tell us. I liked the look of them because you didn't have to drill your floor supports to install, making them great for classic cars and adding some degree of safety when you decide to "walk on it"! 1/2"X2" flat bar - 3" 1/4"X2" flat bar - 14 1/2" 5" ID pipe - 2" 2 bolts 1/2" longer than currently used in your transmission mount. Bolt hole spacing is 1 1/2" for Muncie. A picture is about all that is needed for instructions: