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Timing Your Buick Engine, Curving your Buick Distributor This is a lesson on timing, Bob's style! Not a guarantee... Before doing any of the following, if you have points, they must be accurately adjusted! Point gap effects timing! Requires a dwell-tach. have a look in your distributor, make sure your mechanical weights are not worn out. Do they still "fit" on their mounting posts or are the holes worn out? Do they return nicely to their retard position? Do the springs appear in good condition? Give the shaft a little wiggle. If you feel more than a hair of side play, it probably needs new bushings. disconnect vacuum advance and plug the carburetor end. set your initial timing. Usually about 5 - 8 degrees BTC. check that your...
Put Your Distributor on Bearings! Looked for a performance distributor for your Classic Buick engine lately? Sure isn't like a chevy, they can have anything they want...:( Depressing, isn't it? A nice tight running distributor is a "must" for a performance engine and an advantage for any engine. If you have ever watched a slightly worn distributor bounce the spark around on a scope you will appreciate how much the spark timing is affected. Even with a reasonable scope pattern, it is disappointing to pull a distributor down to find the shaft uncomfortably worn. "They" said these were lubricated bushings?! I think there it may be possible to do some modifications that would help the bushings last, but I like the idea...