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These codes are listed on the Cowl Tag and break down as listed below.

Note: The first letter indicates the lower body color, the second letter indicates the top color.
R is a white vinyl or convertible top.
C is a black vinyl or convertible top.
eg: DR = Blue Mist with a Arctic White top.

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Regal Black
ARegal Black
Arctic White
CArctic White
Blue Mist
DBlue Mist
Deep Blue Metallic
EDeep Blue Metallic
Teal Blue Mist
FTeal Blue Mist
Ivory Gold Mist
GIvory Gold Mist
Aqua Mist
KAqua Mist
Medium Teal Blue Mist
LMedium Teal Blue Mist
Burnished Saddle
MBurnished Saddle
Maroon Metallic
NMaroon Metallic
Tarpon Green Mist
PTarpon Green Mist
Scartlet Red
RScarlet Red
Desert Beige
TDesert Beige
Charcoal Metallic
VCharcoal Metallic
Cameo Cream
YCameo Cream

Midnight Teal Metallic
BMidnight Teal Metallic
Olive Gold Metallic
SOlive Gold Metallic
Silver Beige Mist
WSilver Beige Mist
Inca Silver Mist
ZInca Silver Mist

All 1968 Buick Riviera models were also avaliable in these regular Buick Colors: A, C, F, G, K, L, M, N, R, V.

Contributed to Buicks.net by Dave Gramlow
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