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Codes used to identify paint jobes are made up of 2 letters in alphabetical sequence as indicated:
1st Letter--Lower Color
2nd Letter--Upper Color
On a car painted overall Glacier Blue the paint job is HH. When a Galacier Blue car is two-toned with Arctic White roof the paint fob number is HC.

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Regal Black
ARegal Black
Artic White
CArtic White
Silver Cloud Metalic
DSilver Cloud Metalic
Cadet Blue Metalic
ECadet Blue Metalic
Marlin Blue Metalic
FMarlin Blue Metalic
Glacier Blue
HGlacier Blue
Willow Mist Metalic
JWillow Mist Metalic
Cameo Cream
MCameo Cream
Burgundy Metalic
NBurgundy Metalic
Teal Mist Metalic
PTeal Mist Metalic
Desert Sand
RDesert Sand
Fawn Mist Metalic
TFawn Mist Metalic
Cardinal Red
VCardinal Red
Camelot Rose Metalic
XCamelot Rose Metalic

Optional wheel color for all 1962 Regal Black.