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Two-tone combinations can be identified by the paint code letters. The first letter indicates the lower color and the second letter is the upper color.
P-Turquoise Iridescent
Turquoise Iridescent
J-Dublin Green Iridescent
Dublin Green Iridescent
C-Arctic White
Arctic White
R-Phoenix Beige
Phoenix Beige
K- Kerry Green
Kerry Green
D-Newport Gray
Newport Gray
T-Desert Fawn Iridesent
Desert Fawn Iridesent
L-Titian Red Iridesent
Titian Red Iridesent
E-Venice Blue Iridescent
Venice Blue Iridescent
V-Tampico Red
Tampico Red
M-Sun Valley Cream
Sun Valley Cream
F-Laguna Blue Iridescent
Laguna Blue Iridescent
A-Granada Black N-Cordovan Iridescent
Cordovan Iridescent
H-Bimini Blue
Bimini Blue

Option wheel color for all 1961 Granada Black.

The paintcode information on this page was contributed to Buicks.net by Derek Thille

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