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THE TRIM CODEindicates the key to the trim color and material for each model series.
Green   X   400,405,409
Green   X   600,609
Blue   X   410,415,419
Blue   X   610,619
Gray   X   430,435,439
Gray   X   630,639
Copper   X   455
Red   X   470,475,479
Red   X   670,679
Green/Green X X   401,402,601
Green/Green X X   605,701
Blue/Blue X X   411,412,611
Blue/Blue X X   615,711,713
Gray/Gray X X   431,432,631
Gray/Gray X X   635,731,733
Gray/Gray X X   734
Copper/Copper X X   452,651,655
Red/Red X X   675
Black/Gray X X   721,724
Beige/Beige X X   761
Turquoise X X   781
Green     X 700,702,809
Blue     X 810,819
Gray     X 830,839
Red     X 870,879
Green X     801
Black X     821
Gray X     831
Beige X     861

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