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The below instructions are as specified in the '57 dealers trim selection book:


Order paint color by specifing 2 code letters, the first for the section above the sweepspear and the second for below the sweepspear. Example: XA would be Sylvan Grey above the sweepspear and Carlsbad Black below the sweepspear.

Order upper two-tone colors, available only for the 50 and 70 series Rivieras, by specifing the code letter for the roof in the space for °top color° and specifing the code for the intermediate section in the sections marked upper color and lower section marked in the lower color. Example: CNN would be Dover White roof,Garnet Red intermidiate section and Garnet Red below the sweepspear.

Convertible top codes are expressed as a number where the top color code is entered.Example:3CC is White convertible top with Dover White over Dover White.


   Alphabet code letters designate colors which are available for solid or two-tone color combinations. The first letter designates the upper color and the second leter designates the color below the sweep spear molding.
   Example: Combination AC would be top and center - Black, and below the sweep spear molding - Dover White.

NOTE: Buick V-8 hampden Blue Motor Enamel is not available in the field. Satisfactory over-all refinishing of motor blocks may be accomplished by using a relatively close available Refinish DULUX match to Hampden Blue, such as 93-55911, 93-57287, 93-71782.

Color code numbers appear on a plate on the right side portion fo the firewall under the hood

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57-C Dover White
57-B Castle Gray *
57-M Seminole Red
57-R Antique Ivory
57-P Shell Beige
57-E Biscay Blue Metallic
57-K Mint Green
57-G Dresden Blue
57-J Belmont Green
57-L Jade Green Metallic
57-H Kearney Green *
57-N Garnet Red Metallic
57-D Starlight Blue Metallic
57-T Dawn Gray
Another mess!

*°Metalli-Chrome° Optional wheel color for 1957 - Tangerine and is indicated by a "1".

1957 Buick Spring Colors
57-X Sylvan Gray Metallic
57-S Arctic Blue
57-U Gulf Green Metallic
57-W Hunter Green *
57-F Mariner Blue *
57-Y Dusk Rose


44 Carlsbad Black WL-848
1869 Malibu Blue WL-1765
2259-H Seminole Red WL-1609
2525 Silver Metallic WLH-2338

contibuted by: Dave Martine