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A Dynaflow Transmission 40-60-50
B Heater and Defroster All
C Power Steering 40-60
D Radio & Ant. - Sono. (manual) All
E Radio & Ant. - Select.(manual) All
O Radio & Ant. - Sono. (electric) All
P Radio & Ant. - Select.(electric) All
F Safety Group 40-60-50
G Windshield Washer 40-60-50
H Deluxe Steering Wheel 40
I Easy Eye Glass All
K Foamtex Cushions 40
L Power Brakes All (Dyna.Only)
M Accessory Group 40
M Wheel Covers 60-50
N Air conditioner 41-46R-61-66R-52-56R-72-76R
Q White Wall Tires (7.10x15) 40
Q White Wall Tires (7.60x15) 60-50 (Ex. with Wire Wheels
Q White Wall Tires (8.00x15) 70
R Oversize Tires (7.60x15) 40
QR White Wall Tires (7.60x15) Oversize 40
Q White Wall Tires (8.00x15) Oversize 50 (with wire wheels only)
U Power Windows (4) 40(Ex.48)-60(Ex.66C)-50(Ex.56C)-72
S Power Seat Adjuster 4 Way 40(Ex.48)-60(Ex.66C)-50(Ex.56C)-72
S Power Seat Adjuster 4 Way 66C-56C-76C-76R
T Wire Wheels (5) 60-50-70
W Red Liner Instrument Group 40
Z Special Order Point (Other than Std. Colors) All
** Upper Two Tone Paint (Std.Colors) 40-60-50 (Ex.Conv.)
** Lower Two Tone Paint (Std.Colors) 40-60-50
** Tri Tone Paint (Std. Colors) 40-60-50 (Ex.Conv.)
42-43-44-45 Custom Trim - Nylon & Cordaveen 41-46R-48
62-63-64-65 Custom Trim - Nylon & Cordaveen 61 (Std. 66R)
52-53-54-55 52 (Std. 56R)
(**) - See Color and Trim Chart for Coding

information courtesy of: Buford26