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Use a reliable torque wrench to obtain the figures listed below. This will prevent straining or distorting the parts as well as preventing thread damage. These specifications are for clean and lightly lubricated threads only. Dry or dirty threads produce friction which prevents accurate measurement of the actual torque. It is important that these specifications be strictly observed. Over tightening can damage threads. This will prevent attainment of the proper torque and will require replacement of the damaged part.

Lb. Ft.
Spark Plugs   15
Crankshaft Bearing Caps to Cylinder Block   110
Connecting Rods   45
Cylinder Head to Cylinder Block   100
Harmonic Balancer to Crankshaft   200 Minimum
Fan Driving Pulley to Harmonic Balancer   23
Flywheel to Crankshaft (Auto. & Manual)   60
Oil Pan Baffle to Cylinder Block   455-13, 400/430-8
Oil Pan to Cylinder Block   14
Oil Pan Drain Plug   30
Oil Pump Cover to Timing Chain Cover   10
Oil Pump Pressure Regulator Retainer   455-35, 400/430-25
Oil Pick-Up Tube & Screen Housing Assembly to Oil Pump   8
Oil Gallery Plugs   25
Oil Pressure Switch to Cylinder Block   455-23, 400/430-25
Oil Filter to Cylinder Block   455-13, 400/430-12
Timing Chain Cover to Block   455-29, 400/430-30
Water Pump Cover to Timing Chain Cover   455-7, 400/430-8
Fan Driven Pulley   20
Thermostat Housing to Intake Manifold   20
Automatic Choke Cover to Intake Manifold   8
Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head   455-55, 400/430-50
Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head   18
Carburetor to Intake Manifold   455-13, 400/430-12
Fuel Pump to Cylinder Block   20
Motor Mount to Cylinder Block   455-63, 400/430-70
Fuel Pump Eccentric and Timing Chain Sprocket to Camshaft   22
Rocker Arm Cover to Cylinder Head   4
Rocker Arm Shaft to Cylinder Head   455-25, 400/430-30
Delcotron Bracket to Cylinder Head   35
Delcotron Adjusting Mounting Bracket to Cylinder Head   455-35, 400/430-22
Delcotron Mounting Bracket Thru Delcotron to Cylinder Head at Pivot Location   35
Starting Motor to Block   35
Starting Motor Brace to Block   11
Starting Motor Brace to Starter   11
Distributor Hold-Down Clamp   455-13, 400/430-12
Flywheel Housing to Cylinder Block   35
Automatic Lower Flywheel Housing Plate   4
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