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Thread: Buick 455 rebuild

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    Post Buick 455 rebuild

    I just recently aquired a 72 buick 455. It is in need of being rebuilt. I would like a mild engine, something a little more than stock. It will need to be bored. Where is the best place to get a rebuild kit for this engine. I have somewhat of a limited budget, But will be able to fund add-on parts at later times. I have a 71 Skylark with a 350 in it now. The Skylark will be the recipient of the rebuilt 455. Will the TH350 be OK till I find a TH400 trans to replace the Th 350. The 350 was running smooth, but now idles rough until you give it some gas, then it goes away, but seems to have lost some power. I have not had time to diagnose the noise and idle problem yet. This is going to be a weekend cruiser and occasional daily driver during good weather. I know that there are little things that will need to be done to make the 455 fit and run properly. Thanks in advance.

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    The best supplier I have found was through ebay.

    Click here

    Unless your going to be burning a lot of rubber with oversize tires, the th350 should give you good service. While you doing you engine, it would be a good time to pull the tranny and put a kit in it. You can also check it for clearances and general overall condition.
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    I would recomend if you are planning on doing bolt ons in the future i would start out with doing what you can with the lower half, and not worry about heads, intake and so on, those are much easier to do when the engine is in the car compaired to having to repull it again. Just make sure you build the bottom half to handle what you *want* to put in the top half
    -as far as budget kits for lower rebuilds has a few as well as Im sure places like postons and TAperformance will have a wider variety, but those seem to be a bit more pricey of suppliers

    good luck~

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    For your application I would have to agree with Jeff and build a solid bottom half. You'll get by with stock rods if you stay away from crazy rpm's (6,000 +). Though make sure you have the machine shop put good ARP rod bolts in it right away.

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