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Thread: competent automatic transmission rebuilder wanted

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    1963skylark Guest

    competent automatic transmission rebuilder wanted

    Can anyone recommend and excellent transmission rebuilder who has experience rebuilding the dual path automatic transmission from 61-63 special/skylark?

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    Where are you located at ?

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    1963skylark Guest
    I don't mind shipping the tranny to the most skilled technician available, but anywhere in the midwest region would be closer to me. I just want it done perfect. Thanks.

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    1963skylark Guest
    On the same subject,

    Is there a serial number on the transmission which is "matchable" to the engine serial and vin numbers?

    Is the trans on a 62 interchangable with a 63? I am eyeing a 62 special trans for my 63 skylark that I'm trying to keep (seemingly) all original.

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