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Thread: White Smoke From one side of Dual Exhaust

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    1969Lesabre Guest


    Hi, I have been reading post here for a while, and more than a few times I have gotten some valuable info for my 1969 4-Door Buick Lesabre. I put a reman. engine (350 Buick)in it with a Holley Electric fuel pump and a Holley 600 carb. At first I had black smoke (too rich i know)but my car overheated the other day and now white smoke is coming out my drivers side pipe. My engine has less that 1,000 miles on it, but since it overheated I don't know if warranty will cover it. I suspect it is the head gasket, but I don't know. Please Advise. Thanks.

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    bluewhale13 Guest


    I would run a compression check on the motor. If you have 2 cylinders side by side that are lower than the rest of the cylinders it would indicated a blown head gasket. While the plugs are out of the cylinders check them for any condesation or moisture on the plug itself. This would also indicated a blown head gasket.
    With the car cold you can pull the radiator cap off, start the car, and check to see if you get any bubbles in the cooling system. This would indicate a head gasket leak into the cooling system.
    One last thing, How long does it take for the car to reach it's operating temp.? If there is anything that does not appear normal it could also point towards a bad head gasket.
    What caused the car to overheat? That should also be a concern seeing as the motor has so few miles on it.
    I had a 350 once with a leaking head gasket that would generate a big enough smoke screen to hide my house until the motor warmed up and sealed the leak. My neighbors hated me for that car every morning that I fired it up to head to my shop.
    Let me know what you find out. [img]graemlins/shield.gif[/img]

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    Given the Symptoms, White smoke on one side. I'm in complete agreement with Aaron, that the car has a problem with the Head Gasket. Especially given the fact that the Engine Overheated. Check the Oil to see if it looks Peculiar. If it does Dump it in a hurry. Anti-Freeze in the oil will chew up bearings in a short period of time. Replacing a headgasket is a big enough problem. [img]graemlins/sad.gif[/img] You don't want to have to pull the motor and perform a Total Rebuild. [img]graemlins/clonk.gif[/img]

    [img]graemlins/shield.gif[/img] Tom Gallagher [img]graemlins/shield.gif[/img]
    Thanking YOU, for YOUR Valued Cooperation and Experience in This Matter.

    Tom Gallagher (BUICK BANSHEE)
    1956 Buick Special 2 Door H/Top 46R: Red & White
    Darlington Station, RI. 02861

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    1969Lesabre Guest


    Thank's for the replies. I hope that my bearings haven't been damaged. That would be a total bummer. I am going to dump the oil anyway it goes. As far as the amount of time that it takes to overheat- Less than 10 min. @ >45 Mph

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    1969Lesabre Guest


    O.K., I suspected a blown head gasket because I had white smoke out of one side of my dual exhaust. I pulled the valve cover on that side (driver's), no milky or foamy oil and no bent or damaged push rods or rockers. Pulled the spark plugs and they were a little black but not damaged. The spark plug from the cylinder closest to the fire wall was wet. Ran a compression check and the results were 130, 150, 150, 150 (The wet spark plug cylinder read 150) . While I was cranking the engine I observed a little liquid spurting from the wet cylinder. The tranny modulator is fine. I don't know what is the problem. Pleas advise.

    Oh yeah, engine is stock 1969 350 reman. with less that 1000 miles.

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