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Thread: Aftermarket intake manifolds for Nailhead

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    Anyone know of an aftermarket single four barrel intake manifold for a 401 nailhead?? The carb is a 800 cfm Edelbrock. [img]graemlins/banana.gif[/img]

    Also... anyone know of a under the hood supercharger for this motor?

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    There are no after-market single four-barrel manifolds for the 401/425 Nailhead. The Performer Series Edelbrock carburetors are a replacement for Carter and Rochester square bore carburetors on the stock 401/425 square bore manifold. There are 650, 750 and 800 cfm versions of the Performer. There is also a stock cast iron spread bore manifold made only in 1966 that will fit the 401/425 with a Quadrajet or Thermoquad carburetor.

    Below is a picture of a 63 Riviera with a supercharged Nailhead 401. It has an ATI Procharger set-up. It was built by PAE and has the switch pitch transmission as well. The installation of the procharger is custom made, and is a combination of cut and welded factory brackets and modified supercharger brackets. Pistons are a custom design with lower compression. The carburetor inlet is sealed to feed the carburetor with pressurized air and pressurize the float bowls through the vent tubes. The carburetor is a 750 Holley with mechanical secondaries. The intake manifold is a stock cast iron manifold with provisions for adapting the Holley carburetor. Boost was estimated to around 6 psi. It was said to make about 550 hp on the dyno when first fired up.

    I hope that was helpful.
    Steve B.

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