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Thread: 64 Riv. 425 rocker arms

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    Ligouri Guest


    any one know where I can get rocker arms for my '64 425. Due to what looks like lack of luberaction , I am now in need of new rocker arms. Where can I find these , and does anybody make good and/or preformance after market arms ?

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    c_ehubbard Guest

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    Try some of the Buick vendors like Classic Buicks, and a few more that I can't remember off hand - haven't had my first cup of coffee for the day yet. They may have some extra stock. Or, in other Buick forums like this one - or the nailhead newsgroup. Someone should have an extra rocker or two laying around.

    There are aftermarket rockers in the works. Tom Telesco developed and is doing the R&D before going "public" with them. When they do become available, this forum will be posted. They will be roller tipped with a true 1:6 ratio.

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    try Poston (334/368-8577) or Ta performance (408/922-6807)

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    c.rorrer Guest



    I have got a spare set of used rocker arm assemblies as well as a full set of NOS rocker arms if you're interested.

    Drop me an email for details.


    Chris Rorrer

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