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Thread: Buick Lesabre 1963 Staion Wagon

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    That relates to a '63/401 cubic inch engine with the 4 bbl. carb. Rated at 325 HP @ 4400 rpm's & 445 t. lbs. of torque @2800RPM's. Advertised compression ratio is 10.25-1. In reality closer to 9.75-1 or slightly less.

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    Hello everybody,
    in the meantime I managed to repair the electrical system. Everything works, including backup light, direction signal and cornering light. Very happy! I changed the bushings of the push rod and installed a hazard warning light. Thanks to your help I ordered the Speedo gear in USA.
    Now I have to check the brakes. I think they are a little bit weak. I opened one rear brake and everything looks fine. Dry, and parts look not too old. May the brake cylinder. I will see.

    Nice Sunday!
    Regards Alen

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