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Thread: Is my 1970 deuce 455 motor original from the year 1970 or later???

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    Is my 1970 deuce 455 motor original from the year 1970 or later???

    I am trying to figure out if my 455 motor the original motor that came in the car in 1970
    my casting number says 1231718-E

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    You can't identify much with a casting number. Look up at Buick Identification by the numbers, it will tell you where the numbers you want for id are.

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    there are, or were, two stampings on the block that would designate year.

    the two letter engine code for a 1970 Electra should have been "SF" and indicates the 370hp variant, which was the highest OEM rating Buick ever had in a production vehicle.

    the EIN ( short variant of the VIN ) should be something like "4 0 H xxxxxx". 4 indicating the Buick division, 0 indicating the 1970 model year of production, H indicating the Flint MI plant ( there are other plants but Flint is primary ) and the last 6 digits matching the VIN of the original car it was installed in.

    your engine should have Buick Red paint and the valve covers should have 5 bolts each. 6 bolt valve covers indicate someone swapped in a Buick 350.
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