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Thread: Electrical / Starting Problems

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    Electrical / Starting Problems

    Need some help

    I pulled the engine from my car...when I put it back in it wouldn't start, seemed like a dead battery so I jumped it and it started fine.

    A few days later it died on me and wouldn't start, it just clicked like the battery was dead but started just fine when I jumped it again.

    Now it will start if I jump it but when I disconnect the jump box it stalls.

    I'm in the military getting ready to transfer from Mississippi to California in less than two weeks....please help.

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    Is the battery charged up? If it is, check battery terminal connections, then connections at the block and starter. If it isn't, try putting in a known good battery, then check that it is charging after starting.

    Have a look at this:

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    a volt- or multi- meter would be handy here, although not necessary. you should be showing +12V with the car not running and +13-14V with the alternator spinning.

    most auto parts stores will test your battery and / or alternator and starter for you if necessary.

    and, as Bob says, cleaning contacts can't hurt.
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    0 my case the battery can get that bad. I have seen that on several cars and trucks. (my Land Rover did the same thing) Just keep in mind the more you run it with a bad battery the more your altenator has to work overtime.

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