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Thread: Generator to alternator conversion problem

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    Generator to alternator conversion problem

    Hey guys
    Purchased a 1 wire Delco 110 amp alternator to swap in for the factory generator on the my 1960 Buick Lesabre. I got the proper conversion bracket, got it on the car but the 'generator' dash light stays on? What's up? Is the unit charging properly? Does the 'pedal start' on the car have anything to do with it? I decided to switch it over to an alternator since I want to take longer trips I figured if the original factory generator finally took a dump somewhere it would be next to impossible to get the right generator but I could always find a 1 wire alternator anywhere and be back on my way in a 1/2 hour.

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    The GEN light depends on the original regulator to give proper indication. The regulator can be reinstalled for partial operation to get light working as before. Another way to monitor alternator output would be to add a voltmeter as used in modern cars and disconnect the light.

    Since the alternator is new and everything is self-contained, it should be charging if it's spinning. Check the voltage on the battery with car idling. Reading should be 14 V or so.

    The carburetor starter switch ties into the circuit in the same area, but does not affect the GEN light. One of the safety backup features for the starter depends on the original generator for operation. That feature is now eliminated with use of the alternator. As a substitute, a starter emergency kill switch can be added in case starter doesn't drop out after engine fires.
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