Hi Fellows,
I'm a long time hot rodder; primarily an early Ford preference.
I just bought a package deal(wouldn't sell one!) of 2 65 Rivieras; the 401 powered car is great underneath and the body is in bare metal and looks great with exceptions in a few areas. The LT engine has been upgraded to 2 fours and it starts and runs great. The Gran Sport is a parts car at best as it is very rusty but so far the engine seems to be good... still working to be sure. Just picked up the refurbished carbs tonight. I got it to run briefly before with some starting fluid and what gas I could get through the old carbs. The engine was running when the previous guy bought it and it seemed sound but that was eight or more years ago. If the 425 engine is good, I hope to put it in my 32 Ford cabriolet and then sell the other car. We are working to treat the metal with POR 15 Metal Ready and then a coat of sealing primer. All the trim has already been removed so the painting should be straight forward.
I am joining this group to learn more about these Buicks.
I had a 401 Buick in a 32 Ford 3 window coupe that was a gasser from the 60s and it was a ball to drive! That is why I am going with a Buick engine for the cabriolet.
My gasser used stock manifolds from Buick but I don't know which or if they were a matched set or more likely some combination from different cars.
I'll upload some pictures from the gasser with hopes that some of y'all can put me on the trail of what I need to find. I really wanted to use the special bigger tail pipe manifolds that are supposed to be on the GS but don't think they will work.
I'm 69 years young and still playing with cars... and trucks.
I live in Smithfield, VA thus the moniker of Hamtown Al
Surely you have heard of Smithfield ham... if you haven't you need to find some. If it is sold as Smithfield ham, it has to have been produced in this small town by law.