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Thread: Factory Defect Exhaust Port

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    Factory Defect Exhaust Port

    After removing the passenger side exhaust manifold for a leak I found this excess material in the #2 exhaust port of my 1967 430. Total quality control failure, not what I would expect for a Buick flagship. This is a running driving smooth idling stock never touched 61,ooo original mile engine. Has anyone else seen something like this on any other engine? I never have and I've been working on cars for over 40 years. - Bill
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    Problems with excessive casting flash occasionally created warranty problems for Buick. Attached are pictures from three dealer service bulletins on '55 models. Overheating problems were created by casting flash in water passages near the pump. Broken and bent fuel pump arms were caused by casting flash in the pump arm opening. Rough idle troubles developed due to flash in the exhaust crossover passages.

    Don't have a complete set of service bulletins for '67 yet to see if there were any flash issues. By the mid-'60s, the service bulletins were running about 500 pages/year so there were plenty of other mods, repairs, and upgrades to monitor. Nonetheless the '67 full-size Buicks had a better than average repair record according to Consumer Reports (see attached used car ratings).
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