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Thread: 322 nailhead into a '51 Studebaker truck

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    322 nailhead into a '51 Studebaker truck

    I am building an 'old-school' '51 Stude custom pickup I plan to drive regularly.
    I have a 322 out of a '56 Century... factory 4 bbl. & factory dual exhaust. This motor originally had a dynaflow behind it but I want to run a stick. I have an old Cragar bellhousing to mate a Borg-Warner T85 3-speed trans to a 53 - 56 nailhead.
    What I need is a '56 322 stick flywheel... I am pretty sure it is a one-year-only item due to the external balancing of these motors.
    Please get back to me if you have any leads on a stick flywheel for a '56 322!!!
    Thanks in advance,

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    Russ Martin shows one here:

    '56 flywheel is one year only and should be part number 1170247

    It will cost some money, but a balancer can take an internal design flywheel and balance it to external, or for that matter vise versa...

    I don't know, but I would not be surprised if the '56 crankshaft will have to be modified to accept an input shaft bushing for the transmission.

    Throw out Bearing Adaptor Bushing
    Motion industries EP2228-32 Sintered Bronze Bearing

    Just had a look on ebay and saw this aftermarket 322 flywheel. The interesting thing is that it appears to have a bunch of balance holes like you would expect for an externally balanced engine which fits your description!
    1971 Buick 322 flywheel

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