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Thread: 1966 425 swap into a 1957 Special Synchromesh Column Shift

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    1966 425 swap into a 1957 Special Synchromesh Column Shift

    I have posted in the past but I'm looking for clarification on what exactly will need to be done to swap a '66 425 (getting ready to tear down/rebuild) into my 1957 Buick Special 3 speed manual Synchromesh. I'm under the impression that the manual trans is uncommon and I'd like to keep it.

    Before people jump on me the 364 is cracked behind the starter and the 425 was already pulled and I found it on Craigslist for I figured, yeah, it's getting close to winter so lets do something dumb

    and go....

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    This should not be that bad. The mounting is the same. The bell housing is correct. You will need a flywheel for the 425. You will need the correct flywheel bushing for your transmission and the correct clutch plate and disc to mate it with your transmission. You will want to make sure the input shaft is the correct length once you have sourced the flywheel. You will need to use your 364 pan and find a pick up tube for a rear sump 401/425. The 364 does not have the same oil pump/pick up tube. The real question is if your three speed will handle 465 foot pounds of torque?
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