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Thread: What Do You Guys Use On Real Wood Dash Appliques?

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    What Do You Guys Use On Real Wood Dash Appliques?

    I'm looking to preserve the real wood dash appliques on my 67 Electra 225 Custom Convertible. They are in perfect condition and I would like to keep them that way. While in like new condition they seem like they should be treated with something to keep them from drying and peeling. Unfortunately I don't have a climate controlled garage like the previous owner did and I'm concerned they may start deteriorating in the cold and dry winters. Here are some pictures of the wood in question. Before people start chiming in saying that it's not real wood, it is. I've included a picture of the plasti-wood on the doors and rear seating for comparison. I believe that 67 is possibly the last year for the real wood appliques. Comments and suggestions are welcome. - Bill
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    Of course, the best way to protect your vehicle is inside storage, but that being said, I would recommend waxing the wood on a regular basis to help keep it from drying out. What you have is wood veneer (a very thin slice of wood) mounted in a chromed metal frame. In restorations, I have purchased sections of veneer and refinished them to look like the original, but the layout is somewhat tricky to get the grains to match up. You are always better to preserve the original wood. I cannot think of a better way than to keep it waxed. Best of luck with your car.
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