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Thread: Question: Correct colors for the engine parts (425, 1963 Riviera)

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    Question: Correct colors for the engine parts (425, 1963 Riviera)

    I rebuild the 425 engine out of my 1963 Riviera. At the moment I'm wondering about the correct colors of the engine parts. I know the engine itself has to be silver. But what's about the oil pan? The water intake? The lifter cover? The intake manifold? All silver?
    Thanks if someone can enlighten me.
    '56 4dr Roadmaster riviera
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    motor colors

    Prob won't help much. When I bought my 64 Rivi, the owner told me the motor was freshioned up(?). I didn't ask what that ment. It was freshly painted red. Block, heads, intake manifold, lifter valley cover, bell housing. No paint on trans. Think valve covers were black. I have since painted valley cover silver, valve covers silver with black on the raised "ribs"(for lack of a better word). Oil pan is a dark forest green. Oh, I had to replace the water log manifold & water pump. Painted those silver as well. Motor is an 8mi to the gal premium gas, one tire fire shredder. Trans is owt now. In the car, not werking.

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    i would refer you to, but their web site appears to be down.

    they say the engine is silver with a red air cleaner.
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