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Thread: Ignition experiences?

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    Ignition experiences?

    Hi, I'd like to update the ignition system on my 68 GS400 but retain a completely stock look. Any experiences with the pertronix ignitions? Any other suggestions? I'm ISO reliability, a stable tune state, and maybe a bit better has mileage, I don't need a racing ignition.



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    I kind of thought that way once. I used a Crane XR-I Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit with built in rev limiter. It worked good and fit in an original distributor, keeping the stock look.
    I have since re-evaluated and gone back to points, because they are so dependable and easy to troubleshoot. I now run a dual point setup which extends the service intervals and gives a more stable spark at higher rpm.

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    I rebuild, recurve & install one wire electronic conversions. NO ONE KNOWS except you & I. After doing them for 12 yrs. Have had NO failures.
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    You can trust Tom!


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