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    I have a 1974 Buick LaSabre Luxus, 2 door convertable. I'm looking for left and right rear bumper fillers. They are vinyl I think. I'm also looking for inside door panels. The plastic panel below the cushioned vinyl panel are shot. My guy says they can't be redyed. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know.

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    The bumper fillers show to be available from Theirs are fiberglass; originals are urethane.

    The lower door panels can be painted rather than dyed if recoloring is all that is needed. Parts are made of polypropylene and require a special primer. Instructions are in the Fisher Body Manual. Typical damage appears where the outer textured layer comes off and leaves a chalky surface behind. Replacement would be required in that case.

    By the mid-'80s GM was selling these panels only in black. These had to be painted to match. GM part nos are: right - 9852288, left - 9852289. These numbers were used on a majority of Buick/Olds/Pontiac full-size 2-doors from '71-76. So finding used panels in good condition is a possibility. There's one on eBay now (Item 173380135719).

    Reproduction parts for the lower panels do not seem to be out there. Looks like not too much activity yet on GM full-size interiors from the '70s. Found some vendors offering door panels for '71-72 Rivieras with base trim, but not clear if lower panels were included.
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