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Thread: 364 nailhead hoses

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    364 nailhead hoses

    Replacing the radiator on my 32 ford with 60's Nailhead 364 motor. with out taking the hoses off and measuring the O.D radiator lines I come up with top hose at 1 1/2 inch bottom hose at 1 3/4 does that sound right don't want to order the wrong size. not sure if that a standard for the nailheads

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    For '57-60 nailhead 364, both hoses are 1-1/2" on each end.

    For '61 nailhead 364, both hoses are 1-1/2" on one end and 1-3/4" on the other end. The cylinder water outlet and water pump did not change from '60 to '61, so the radiator pipes must have increased in size.

    The original Buick part numbers are different for every year on both hoses. Could not find the dimensions in any Buick data. The RockAuto site shows replacement hoses and their crossover numbers under ACDelco, Gates, Dayco and others. The Gates recommendations are good about going back and crossing to the original Buick numbers. The 1961 listings get tricky and show some hose id dimensions in 16ths and 8ths instead of the standard 1/4" steps shown elsewhere. Probably both will work.
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    I have a 364 in my 32. I can email you the part numbers of the hoses I used. The upper was an upper hose from a Chevy 1500 and the lower was a lower hose for a F150. I had to trim both hoses and use the straight 401 thermostat housing.

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