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Thread: 64 skylark convert

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    64 skylark convert

    Looking for the
    Transfer and 300 nailhead engine in decent condition could be new crate engine

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    there is no 300ci "Nailhead". all Nailheads have the distributor at the back of the block next to the firewall and rear mounted oil pump and filter.

    a 1964 Skylark should have a 300ci Small Block Buick ( distributor at the front of the block, oil pump and filter incorporated into timing cover ) with aluminum heads and intake and a cast iron block.

    "Looking for the Transfer"

    what do you mean by this? you want it shipped over seas? where too?

    if you are over seas, you might want to look for a 4.6L Rover v8. that's an all aluminum variant of the Buick small block design and was kept in production by Rover up to 2004.

    it won't bolt up to your transmission though. the Rover variants all use the original Buick 215ci bell housing pattern which is different than the BOPC trans pattern that Buick adopted for the 300ci.

    could be new crate engine

    good luck find a NOS ( New - Old Stock ) 300ci. those haven't been in production since 1967.

    the Buick 350ci ( the successor to the 300 / 340 ) was in production until 1981 and the RWD 231ci Turbo v6 variant was in production until 1987 and would be easy swaps but they will also be extremely rare as "new crate engines".
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