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Thread: 1963 Buick Electra 225 brake system

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    1963 Buick Electra 225 brake system

    Hello brand new to all of this so any help is appreciated. Purchased a 1963 Buick Electra 225 2 door Convertible a few months ago. Having some braking issues (hard pedal). The vehicle is now parked and I will be going through the steps to diagnose the issue. In an effort to get out in front of this Ive started to try and locate parts for the braking system and have had no problem finding the new brake lines, wheel cylinders and other basic things to begin the overhaul of the braking system. As far as new power boosters and dual master cylinder that’s compatible I have had little to no luck finding parts for this year vehicle. Any help on finding some of these things, parts used that weren’t necessarily for this year but are interchangeable or just advice from anyone who has overhauled a braking system on a 61-63 Buick Electra would be appreciated. Planning to keep the drums all the way around.I am very new to this and just doing research. Thanks in advance.

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    most of your local junk yards should have what's known as a "Hollander Interchange Manual".

    they can cross reference all kinds of parts that way.

    1961-64 is all the same basic car for C-bodies, so you should also be able to look at parts for an Olds 98 or Cadillac De Ville from those years.

    we don't have a Chassis Manual that applies to you ( have 1960 and 66 ), sorry.
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