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Thread: Shifter boot

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    Shifter boot

    I have a 67 skylark with a 4 speed shifter and I am looking for the boot for the short console with knee knocker tach. Is this a 2 piece unit and where can I get them.


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    My car does not have a consul which should mean it takes the same boot. It is a single boot with a stainless trim hold down. I believe they are common to a-bodies a few years either side of '67.

    1967 Buick GS shifter boot

    Buick 4 speed shifter boot retainer ring

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    Cars with a consolette do use two seals. See attached exploded parts view.

    The lower seal acts as a weather seal to the underbody. As noted by Bob, GM part no 3842926 is correct for '65-67 Skylarks with consolette, '64-66 Chevelles, and some '64-65 Olds F-85s. These seem to be readily available. Some sources indicate it may still be available from a GM dealer.

    The upper seal clamps to the upper half of the consolette. The Buick part no is 1361008. Nothing turned up when searching by that number There are some aftermarket items available that look close to the original. Might be good to check fit of the new boot to the round shift lever. Some look like they are molded to fit a rectangular shaft.

    Typical are:
    CP1387S from
    Metro RP33Z from
    SB652-3 from
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