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Thread: New to the Buick world

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    New to the Buick world

    Hey everyone, Iím new here and just bought my first project a 67 wildcat. Itís a little rough. The person I bought it from says he rebuilt the engine 2 years ago and I pulled the motor/ trans to go through it. I found that the heads, cylinder walls and bottom of the engine seem to be in pretty good condition except for the rear main seal is leaking. Iím going to put a a TA 212 cam in and freshen up the heads. I know have to remove the crank to replace the rear main seal l, my question is should I get the block hot tanked by a machine shop or just give it a through fine wash with dawn dish soap. Iíve washed a block that way before and was fine but Iíve read buick motors have to be approached differently. What are your thoughts

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    i'd get rid of the rope seal and install a neoprene. TA also has a neoprene available for the timing cover.

    i don't know that the Buick is different so far as cleaning goes. but if you're going to take it all apart, you probably want to inspect it too see if the oiling mods have been done. simplest is to procure the 5/8" ID oil pickup but there are also die grinding and drilling mods you can do.

    many people like to relocate the oil pressure sender to the back of the block.

    no Fram filters. use AC-Delco, Wix or Napa Gold or equivalent.
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