Got myself a '64 Wildcat 2dr with bucket seats and a console a few years ago, installed a fresh 425 at the time currently working on dual quadding it. Scored the manifold and air cleaners, just looking for a matched 3633S carb! Figured you lot would be the place to go for all the hard-to-find parts. Other Buick related projects include my '78 El Camino which is getting a supercharged 3800 SII out of a '97 park ave combined with an aussie Holden supercharger body. As they say, when better cars are built buick will build them!

Non-Buick related projects include:
'79 Cordoba 300, rebuilt beefed 360, rebuilt and beefed 727, currently working on letting the smoke out of both tires.
'66 Mustang V8 4spd convertible which is getting a mild 289 with my AFR 165's, 282XE cam, and some external goodies while I save for a rocket of a 302 roller motor.
'85 Supra: The daily, stock to the max. Reliably boring!