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Thread: 1963 Skylark 215

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    1963 Skylark 215


    Picked up a 63 skylark with 215 V8 and am re-building engine. Car has been sitting since 1988 so any advice will be appreciated. This is my first vintage build but am excited to get it on the road.


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    British Leyland bought the aluminum 215ci and converted it to metric 3.5L, so the British guys are all over this engine. which you probably weren't expecting.

    Land Rover kept this v8 in production until 2004, although it did lose the distributor and carb. the Brits punched it out to 5.0L ( and larger ) for racing purposes but the largest displacement that you can find 'commonly' will be 4.6L

    it's also related to the iron block Buick 300 / 340 / 350 v8s and the 231 / 225 / 3.8L v6s.

    there's also an Olds 215 variant from 1961-63 but the valve train and heads are different.
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