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Thread: Hello I'm new thanks for help starting to think I bought wrong year buick

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    Hello I'm new thanks for help starting to think I bought wrong year buick

    I just got a really nice 1965 buick lesabre custom convertible I been look for little odds and ends as far as inside parts like a manual window regulator and seals and cover that goes around cluster but I have googled my *** off and can't find simple parts for this car any help would be nice

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    For the most part, many Buick parts are interchangeable with other GM cars, so finding things like window regulators are fairly easy. A good salvage yard should be able to look up what other cars parts will fit your car. The instrument cluster cover is specific to your car, but may be found in a salvage vehicle that's not a convertible, such as a Hardtop model, 2 or 4 door. Rubber parts can be found at Steele Rubber or similar rubber parts manufacturers; but if your seal is not torn, try putting it in some boiling water for 15 minutes or so. That will soften it up quite a bit and extend the life of the rubber for many years.
    I also recommend that you find a local Buick Club and join. Other Buick owners are a wealth of information and may be able to direct you to some little known sources.
    Don't give up on your Buick. It's a very nice car and can provide you with years of pleasure.
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    Here is a link to the Buick Master Parts Books (1972 Edition) that cover your car. There are also several other Master Parts Books for other GM brands on that site.

    Once the original part number is known, I Google "Buick 1234567" and "GM 1234567" which pulls up all kinds of leads. Pretty soon searches lead to the site which is powerful for searching by part numbers.

    To locate cars in wrecking yards Google "parting 65 LeSabre"
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