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Thread: 1970 Skylark Convertible 350 2 Bl

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    1970 Skylark Convertible 350 2 Bl

    Hey folks,

    I'm near Ottawa in Canada.

    I just bought my second skylark, 1970 convertible. I had an earlier 2 door coup in high school, circa 1975, I think it was a 64-65 had a 340 in it, it was pretty rough but it was fast. I've had many cars and thinking back it was my favorite.

    So, I just bought the convertible a month a go. Red on white, black roof. Can't put up a picture because of phone problem. I was told it has been sitting inside for over 20 years. The body is done, but all the mechanical needs to be rebuilt. Not running, master brake cylinder is dry, carb is seized. etc. This is my first rebuild project.

    First question, I read an article by Jefferson Bryant on Street Tech about redoing his 350 engine. He got about 396 hp out of it. Is it possible to get 300 -350 hp in a daily driver without breaking the bank. I'm on a limited budget on this.


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    1970 is the last year of high compression GM engines across the normal car lines ( some, such as Corvette, had decently high CR for another year or two ).

    your 2 barrel car will not have the comp, though. you need to get a 4 barrel variant "SP" code of the factory engine ( the Buick small blocks control CR with the size of the piston dish ) which was factory rated at 315hp. put a TA RV cam in that and convert to HEI distributor with headers and get a quality rebuild on a 1975 800cfm Quadrajet and you'll have no problem roasting tires.

    then we need to find out what kind of "horsepower" you're talking about. at the rear wheel? at the flywheel?
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